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Referenz Patch Adams

Russlandtour mit Doktor Patch Adams

Der weltberühmte Arzt und Clown Dr. Patch Adams, reist mit einem Team aus mehreren Künstlern nach Moskau und St. Petersburg. Wir besuchen Behindertenheime, Waisenhäuser, Kinderspitäler und Altersheime um ein wenig Freude, Hoffnung und Glück in den oft harten und traurigen Alltag der Menschen die dort leben zu bringen.

Dr. Patch Adams schreibt dazu:

To those who care for a healthier world: please help Susanne Keller continue her work and return with us to Russia in 2013 for two weeks!

I have had the privilege to clown with Susi twice on our annual trip to Russia. Susi is a continual flow of radiant love. She softens every space. I think by including Susi, feel we are exploring connecting, loving, fun, creativity where there is suffering. The Russia trip offers so much experience, with so many people it’s like a master class in loving. Susi appears to have an infinite capacity to love, play and work diligently both at the institutions we visit and with the other 60 playmate clowns on the trip. Knowing Susi is coming is thrilling and comforting to me and all those who go on the trip. Susi is an investment in a healthy future. Please help her.

In Peace,
Patch Adams MD


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